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Updated: Sep 26

How you feel in any moment impact how you experience life in that moment.

When working with kids we like to take them through their day and explore their highs and lows so far and how they felt at each moment.

Our mood impacts how we communicate, what we hear, what we see, and what meaning we make about things.

In a lower mood state, we are more likely to jump to conclusions, feel more reactive, make assumptions, fight, flight, or freeze.

We worked in a school where a teacher was so overstretched it impacted her mood, and she saw the children in her class through the lens of agitation.

Her communication to the children was also filtered through this lens and their behaviour was too.

On that particular day we had an amazing session with the children, so our communication and experience of the children was felt through that lens and the teacher was almost shocked when we said we had loved the group of children.

And this is not a teacher bashing session, because we ALL work this way, just an example.

We all have a different lens in which we are viewing life, moment to moment.

Our lens directly impacts our experience.

We see kids seeing life through a tired lens, angry lens, fearful lens, worried lens, anxious lens, as well as a happy lens, excited lens, and joyful lens.

The lens determines the response to life.

The behaviour.

The decision.

The assumption.

The experience,

So what lens are you looking at life through today?

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