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Updated: Sep 26

Our experiences are shaped by the meaning we give our thinking…

Our children are meaning making machines!

It is sort of their first mini life purpose, they are out there in the world trying to make sense of it all.

Why are things the way they are?

How do things work?

What is safe?

Why do things happen?

Lots of questions like these flying around in your child’s head every second of the day as they navigate life and create their blueprint.

What is a blueprint?

We all have our own unique blueprint in life, it’s our rule book, our guide to life.

Created through childhood when we asked ourselves questions like, Why did my friend just ignore me? Why does mummy look so sad? Are they laughing at me?

And in these little pockets of conversation we have in our minds, we create a reason, a meaning.

My friend left me out because I must not be good enough. Mummy is sad because of me, People are laughing at me because I am different…..

These beliefs form our blueprint, which becomes our lens – the lens we experience life through from that moment forward.

A blueprint of life created when we were children runs our life right now as adults.

The ‘I am not good enough’ belief shows up in a lot of adults as their truth – when it was a belief created in a moment of heightened emotion as a child from possibly feeling left out and not understanding why you felt that way – rationalising it as meaning you were not good enough…

These beliefs are imprinted into our subconscious mind as soon as we create them in mind and they go on to project a life in accordance into our reality.

So, this is why we LOVE exploring this with children, seeing what they have decided about life so far and getting curious about how else they could see things…

Most adults looking to transform, shift, or break a cycle in life can spend years unravelling the meaning they made of situation in life as children.

What if your child understood where emotions come from and how they show up in their physical body.

What if they realised there was nothing to fear from feeling any certain way, and knowing that in fact the chemical reaction creating these sensations is perfectly normal.

And what difference would it make to help children understand that the decisions we make in these heightened state of emotions are not always the right ones and sometimes its best to let the emotion pass through us before we make meaning of things.

Get curious with your own child today and see if you can spend a few hours seeing life through their lens.

Tons of love

Team MMHR x

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